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It's been a strange summer. It's been a strange year. From the pandemic shuttering us all in our homes to the horrific deaths of black people all over this country, it sucks being African American during these times. Yet, Stockton finds itself in the odd position of two black men running for mayor. That's also the only thing these two men have in common. Let's dig in.
Mayor Michael Tubbs, prior to being mayor served one term as Stockton City Council District 6’s Councilman. Prior to this service, Michael attended Stanford and while there he created the non-profit Phoenix Scholars that recruited students from Stanford to mentor underserved youth within Palo Alto. During this time, with his best friend Ty-lisha Hooker, Tubbs created the Stockton Summer Success Program that immersed Stockton's underserved youth in a weeks-long college prep experience and mentorship focusing on increasing youth of color in Stockton college attendance. Both of these programs have elevated hundreds and hundreds of youth with college graduations and new opportunities in life.

Kevin Lincoln should be applauded for his military service and I say that as a grandchild and sibling of veterans. Yet, Lincoln has held no leadership or management experience of note. He has zero regional connections that would elevate our city nor does he seem to possess the ability to bring the community together to achieve change with a populist approach. In fact, he's been extremely divisive and naively touts his connection to George W. Bush, Donald Trump, and the republican party. All of these individuals and groups being extremely unpopular within the City of Stockton. Naively?

If you are going to run for the mayor of a city, do your homework, read the room, in other words: Look at the voter registration demographics. While San Joaquin County as a whole is somewhat even when it comes to voting trends (despite a democrat lean in voter registration, which sadly doesn't always translate to votes on election day), Stockton has been a solid Dem city for almost 15 years now. That's why it was smart of Anthony Silva to switch from republican to Decline to State when he successfully ran for mayor way back in 2012. Not only does the majority of Stockton not identify with republican values, but the local branch of the republican party and its elected talking heads are horribly wrong-headed and continually advocate for colonized policies that ignore the needs of colored people.

The Now

As mayor, Mayor Tubbs smartly convinced Governor Gavin Newsom to increase the traditional Big Ten City platform to 13 cities, which has brought millions and millions to Stockton. Already over $15 million in additional resources have been invested in Stockton with this one policy change. Nobody talks about this.

Mayor Tubbs, with SUSD Trustee Lange Luntao, created Stockton Scholars, which has handed out $1000/$500 scholarships to hundreds of Stockton youth. His SEED program (with zero funds from the City, County, or State) has become a model that other cities all over the nation are discussing. Mayor Tubbs is also responsible for the Stockton winning a $12 million homeless grant from the State of California. Plus, the Mayor has brought interest from all over the nation to these localized programs changing the lives of Stockton residents. People and organizations with real money who want to invest in Stockton. All of these are tangible successes that any other city would be proud of. Yet, implicit bias. Implicit bias. Implicit bias.

Which leads us to Kevin Lincoln's now.

Despite having no leadership/management experience, Lincoln has been endorsed by every single police union in Stockton. What does that tell you about Stockton politics?

We can, however, judge Lincoln by his public statements and the management of his campaign. Despite San Joaquin County rating the 5th worst hit areas in California by the pandemic, Kevin Lincoln publicly supported re-opening our county in MAY, he opposed mandating masks, and he attended numerous re-open rallies and mocked Mayor Tubbs for advocating and voting for a mandatory mask ordinance in Stockton, a week before Governor Newsom established a statewide mask ordinance.

What Kevin and other figures (like Tom "Racist exists in San Joaquin County?" Patti) failed to consider was that the public takes their queues from elected officials and if you have public figures dismissing the threat of COVID-19, they were less likely to follow recommended measures. That wrong-headed and embarrassing attitude has led to an increased number of cases and ultimately a disproportionate percentage of deaths in our LatinX and African American communities, right here in Stockton and throughout San Joaquin Valley.

As one LatinX/African American to another, Kevin Lincoln, you should be ashamed of yourself. Especially when this is the most diverse city in our country. Couple that with you having zero statements on local race relations, Black Lives Matter or this county's history or marginalizing and disenfranchising people of color -- it's obvious you are not ready for prime time.

Now we get to the tough revelation. Kevin is an associate at a church. Or he was because his ballot designation had him listed as a manager at Lifesong, a religious worship organization that does a lot of food delivery to the homeless. From all that I know, this is a great place of worship and the people I know that go there love it. There is no evidence that they were in on this. Kevin did list their Executive Director as a reference but the Registrar of Voters successfully verified that Lincoln did not work at Lifesong and he was forced to change his ballot designation. Nice religious values! Nice choice of endorsement officer unions.

I'm going to close this out by directly addressing Kevin Lincoln.

1)I'm all about self-identity but I find it extremely suspect that you reference your Mexican heritage but make zero references to your African American ancestry.

2) The support you are getting has nothing to do with you. It's all about a national republican movement trying to take down a national figure before he becomes more successful. Plus, implicit bias. Implicit bias.

3) Stockton has a horrible history of demonizing its black leaders. Just ask your buddy Ralph White. Just look at what the dark forces supporting you are trying to do to Mayor Tubbs. You might not want to acknowledge you are black, but you are!!

4) Implicit bias is a muther$#*!. The negative sentiment towards Mayor Tubbs has nothing to do with his leadership or his successes. It's obvious you haven't done your homework as it pertains to racism. You are the shiny new penny with no record that people can gravitate to, like Donald Trump in 2016. In other words, you're the safe house negro. Do something. Lead. Implement a program and you too will get attacked.

5) You have aligned yourself with people who use racism, homophobia, and sexism to advance their own cause. The republican party you ask? No, Motec Sanchez and his 209 Times cronies.

As a religious leader, don't you have a moral obligation to speak out against such injustice and not stand shoulder to shoulder with them at anti-mask or anti-shutdown rallies?

Come on Mr. Lincoln! Be better! Do better! Stop kidding yourself


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