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Carlos Villapudua Is One Hot Mess

Carlos Villapudua Is One Hot Mess
Where to start? For eight years Carlos served on the Board of Supervisors and accomplished nothing. Can anyone sight an example of any accomplishments this person has achieved while in office cause not even he could. In a Tracy Press article he had the nerve to take credit for the formerly surged County hospital---you know the one that saw huge cash surpluses thanks to Obama Care. Yeah, somehow that's one of two of his self-acknowledged biggest accomplishments. The other? Improving the Port of Stockton and Stockton Airport--both things which should be a surprise to Congressman Jerry McNerney who fought for and won major federal funds for those places. In fact, Carlos fought for an increase in the landfill next to the airport which would have forced a reduction in air traffic, which by the way happens to be owned by one of Carlos' top donors. Speaking of donors....
Why is a Democrat taking money from big oil firms that just killed Assembly AB345? The bill authored by Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi (D-Torrance), the Natural Resources Agency would have until July of 2022 to adopt public health and safety regulations covering nearby oil and gas extraction areas. It would specifically urge oil and gas facilities to be located a distance of 2,500 feet away from schools, playgrounds, and other public places with children. Unfortunately, a Sacramento Bee article states, "Of the 1.8 million Californians living near drilling in heavily polluted areas, 92% are from communities of color."
To read more on the mess that is California's oil wells, click here for an excellent L A Times Article:
So, my question is for our LatinX leaders: Why are you endorsing Carlos Villapudua? You ask anyone who worked at the San Joaquin County Admin building about Carlos' reputation as a supervisor and they will tell you he wouldn't even step foot into the Admin Building unless there was a Board meeting. Is this the type of leadership you want representing us in Sacramento? Or what about the fact that he hired a polling firm called Action Solutions that has a laundry list of the worst who's who of the conservative movement? (List at the end of this essay.)
Carlos Villapudua comes from the good ole boy mentality and era that we need to leave in the past. He could have called for equity reform and demanded more funding for our communities of color but instead he collected his fat paycheck and did nothing. In fact, he defended the status quo by voting against a BOS Code of Ethics and other reforms to increase transparency and accountability.
Imagine if Carlos truly led during his eight years in office. Imagine the impact that would have had on our County's response to COVID-19? Instead our communities of color, and in particular LatinX people, are dying disproportionately. And thus I must ask the question again, why are LatinX leaders endorsing Carlos Villapudua?
Action Solutions Client List:
• Eagle Forum, founded by Phyllis Schlafly, advocates against same sex marriage and abortion. Among the Eagle Forum’s five missions is “exposing radical feminism.”
• Texas Right To Life, an organization that opposes abortion, most forms of birth control and health centers at schools. They have pushed to defund and close down Planned Parenthood throughout Texas.
• New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation, an organization that advocates against abortion and same sex marriage, stating on their website that “God forbids homosexual behavior.”
• Freedom Works, an organization that promotes anti-labor policies such as opposing the Protecting Workers Right to Organize Act, advocating for the National Paycheck Protection Act and hailing the JANUS decision as a “major victory.”
• Faith and Freedom, a pro-Trump bridge between the Tea Party movement and Evangelical voters.
• Tea Party organizations, including the Dallas Tea Party and Freedom Works.
• Several Republican candidates and elected officials including Carson for America, Former Senator Rick Santorum, Former Governor Mike Huckabee, former Governor of Alaska and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin and more.


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