Stockton: Pride Over Hate "209 Times & Motec Sanchez' Racism Problem
Carlos Villapudua Is One Hot Mess

The Truth Will Set 209 Times & Stockton Free

Stockton: Pride Over Hate
The Truth Will Set 209 Times & Stockton Free
Over these past few weeks, I hope I’ve taken our city on a journey towards truth. One that I hope will lead to a more open and honest dialog about local politics. Let's take a quick recap:
I started off by debunking the myth of 209 Times; it is not a news site!! It’s a propaganda machine for Motec Sanchez and his lies. Here's that article here:
I shared how 209 Times and Motec have used racist tropes to divide our community for personal political gain here:
I also shared how Motec, Doug Vigil and 209 Times have systematically attacked our local LGBT+ leaders here:
Plus, I shared how hypocritical and deceptive 209 Times is and how that could have major impact on our City here:
Finally, I shared why I am personally committed to getting the truth out about Motec and 209 Times here:
The good news is that prior, and during, my write-ups, the people of Stockton have appeared to say enough is enough. Some created their own sites to counter 209 Times. You now have Facebook pages like Stockton Journal, Stockton Daily News and The Olive Branch. If you haven't checked out Olive Branch's youtube reporting on Motec and 209 Times, peep it out here: . Others are in the process of creating alternatives that elevate the good work that people in our community are doing.
I don't know what goes on in one mind where they think it's okay to call local icon Delores Huerta a racist. Or why one would repeatedly refer to Susan Eggman as Egg Man. Nor why someone would mock Susan for using her mother's and father's last name publicly, something that's a personal choice with personal reasons. Just like when one Motecezumo Sanchez, who's birth name is Patrick Powell, has done similar. I have and would never mock Sanchez' for the personal choice, based on personal reasons, for which he changed his name. Yet he does it to Susan time and time again. And I would never call Huerta a racist and yet Motec does.
There are serious consequences to our community when we allow individuals and entities like 209 Times to publicly use racism, homophobia and lies to dominate our public debates and discourse. I remember when I worked for Congressman McNerney, he went on a tour of Silicon Valley corporations and CEO after CEO shared that they would love to bring their businesses to Stockton but there were two things holding them back: 1) Our failing schools and 2) Stockton's reputation as a city. Addressing item #1, we can have healthy debates and discussions about education policies. I personally, feel that we are heading in the right direction and are finally addressing education inequality. Item #2 is what really concerns me re: 209 Times and Motec Sanchez. They do our city’s reputation no good with their public deception, lies and attacks that only hurt our chance at bringing good paying jobs home for our next generation.
In closing, my hope is that we can move beyond the embarrassment that is 209 Times and start having real thoughtful exchanges. As a mixed person of Mexican and African American descent, I hope that we can start discussing the brown and black divide that prevents our communities from coming together for real systemic change. I hope that we can discuss why local power brokers and historians have tried to erase our communities rich Mexican, African American, Filipino, Chinese, Sikh, LGBT+ and other’s (non-agricultural based) history. (And we are discovering that this history is rich and beautiful and a necessary tool in empowering our communities.) And I hope that we can have a healthy conversation with our siblings of European descent about privilege and unconscious biases. It's not for nothing that white progressive/liberal woman, statistically, are harder to convince they need to change their beliefs when it comes to policies that impact brown and black folk and their leaders. Think about that head scratcher for a second.
I hope you are ready for these conversations. They are needed for us to get to a place of healing and if we are ever going to solve the real major challenges of Stockton, we must start with that healing process. So, get ready!
In Solidarity,
Nicholas Hatten


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