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Delta Tunnel News & Mental Health Priorities

One wouldn't necessarily think of the Delta and mental health in the same breath but the reality of things is that both issues often get ignored by voters and both issues are being hijacked by interest that aren't serving the needs of San Joaquin County. If we are looking at equitable living conditions for all citizens of San Joaquin County then we must take these two issues seriously.  When it comes to mental health, last night was a game changer. 


Mental Health Forum 1

(Photo courtesy of Charles Quinn Lyles) 

I am not being hyperbolic when I say that Kimberly Warmsley, Hector Lara, Tai'Rance Kelly, Sammy Nunez and Aldrich Sabac killed it during last night's "The Importance of Mental Health Awareness" Forum at Delta College. They shared information on resources and programs that they felt were effective examples like Fathers  & Families of San Joaquin's Trauma Recovery Center and NAMI San Joaquin County's Family to Family program. They also discussed how out of touch, ill informed and misguided decision makers are and how misplaced priorities and lack of partnerships with existing CBOs are hurting the quality of mental health care within the county.

If you weren't there last night you really missed out on what I firmly believe was the beginning of the end of "business as usual" when it comes to mental health care within San Joaquin County. I want to take this panel on the road and "woke" every voter to what's happening and why our current mental health system is failing us. Thanks to the organizations who sponsored the event and all those who participated and the awesome 50 citizens who came and listened to history be made.

Now, I'll be the first to admit that I am not on the top of my game when it comes to water issues. But let me tell you something, when Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla speaks, I listen. When Barbara says something is important, I trust her. And when Barbara asks me to take action, I jump and say, "Yes, ma'am!".  I few years back I was invited to a Save the Delta fundraiser and was floored with the number of people in attendance and how diverse and how bipartisan the attendees were. Following the Nov 16 elections, many of us realized we needed to work on reaching across the political aisle and we need leaders like Barbara to teach us how effectively to do that because she's succeeding when it comes to water issues. Yet her fight continues and she's asking for our help today. 

I asked Barbara why water issues were so important and this is her response: 

"All people deserve clean drinking water, and if we don't protect our rivers and estuaries fisheries inland and in the oceans will die, destroying multiple ecosystems and economies for tens of millions of people.I am an environmental water warrior because protecting our water resources is essential for protecting humanity." ~Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla

With that in mind, heed her call to action: 


Dear Supporters,
We know that we’ve asked a lot of you, our members, in terms of attending government meetings to speak out against the tunnels. However, the Delta Stewardship Council meeting on April 28, 2017 in Sacramento is one of the most important meetings for you to attend in 2017. We hope that you can join us.
Mark your calendars:
The meeting will begin on April 28 at 9 a.m. at the Park Tower Plaza, 980 Ninth Street, Sacramento, 2nd Floor Conference Room. 

Why is this action so important?
We need you to voice your opposition to the Delta Plan amendments to the Council because in this document: the Delta tunnels come first for promoting “improved” conveyance over consideration of other options. The Delta Plan amendments fail to consider other options for improving conveyance, like fixing existing fish screens, and continue the Council’s pattern and practice of ignoring the portion of the Delta Reform Act that calls for reduced reliance on the Delta, as well as protecting, restoring, and enhancing the Delta ecosystem. Read our press release and letter to the Delta Stewardship Council on the Delta Plan amendments.
In addition, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California has made it clear to their own board that they need this amendment to become part of the Delta Plan so that they can move forward with evaluating and approving their financial contribution toward the Delta tunnels. Therefore, your attendance is more important than ever.
How should you prepare your comment?
Your comments should focus on the impacts the Delta Tunnels will have on your home, farm, business, town or city and why the project cannot meet the co-equal goal of restoring and protecting the Delta. The co-equal goals are to provide a more reliable water supply for California AND protecting, restoring, and enhancing the Delta ecosystem. The role of the Delta Stewardship Council is to advance both of the co-equal goals. Also, it is worth pointing out that the Delta Tunnels cannot improve water supply reliability because there are no longer any guarantees of water deliveries as part of the project — water contractors will be going through the same water availability processes in the future with the State Water Resources Control Board to fill the tunnels as they do now.
Please be ready to attend. Feel free to use our comment letter to the Delta Stewardship Council as a helpful tool for your own public comment. Limit your comment to 3 minutes in length, about 390 words. Bring your friends and family. The Delta Stewardship Council is supposed to be the steward of the Delta. We need you remind them of this duty.
Other actions you can take:
Want to make an extra impact?
Click here to send a tweet telling the Council to stop favoring the Delta Tunnels — you may personalize this tweet.
Post a comment on their Facebook page regarding this Delta Plan amendment. Remember to be courteous.
* Make a phone call to voice your comments to Eric Alvarez, the Delta Stewardship Public Information Officer, at (916) 445-5383 and/or Cassandra Enos-Nobrida, Delta Plan head staff, at (916) 445-0258.
While we understand some people cannot take time off work, it is very important to be at this meeting. Right now, bodies count. If you absolutely cannot make it, you can send an electronic e-mail by following these instructions:

1) Title your e-mail, “Public Comments for Delta Plan Amendment, 4/28/17 Board Meeting”
2) IMPORTANT: Include in your comments a note to have your comments read aloud at the Board meeting
3) Address the e-mail to the Clerk of the Board, Pat Rogers, and to the Delta Plan head staff, Cassandra Enos-Nobrida,

Thank you.
Yours in service,
Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla

That's all for now! See ya next time out. Peace! ~Nicholas Hatten 



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